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I... I....   
04:53pm 01/08/2004
mood: stressed
I Don't even know what to say..... Mom was being rude again and try to cut my nails, doesn't she release I need them to beat up Squall? But I;m on to there food trick... but they still cut all my nails...

But then.... I dont even know how to start. They took me into one the WET ROOMS.... AND POURED WATER ALLLLLL OVER ME.... *Shudders*

I tried to escape! But they wouldn't let me! I didn't know what to do... I cant remeber most of it... but when I was all done I WAS WET! And SMELLY! Mom atleast tried to dry me off... but I still don't know about this... I think I'll get my revenge tonight....

But now Squall keeps hiss at me... He doesnt recognize me!

and I'm STILL WET!!
11:50am 14/11/2003
mood: curious
Mommy is mean....

I've spent the last few days in my carrier in a car moving... it was soooo boring... I even cried it was so boring. The only cool thing is we stopped at some new places, so I got to explore.

But now we've been at this one for a couple days and... its big. But its got these big dogs that smell funny. I dont mind them as long as they stay away. But mom keeps bringing me to them... They chased me the other night, I got even I smacked on right across the nose last night.

Its cold here... and I wonder where Jenny-Mom and Petra-Human are.... and that new Human. Theres lots of new humans here to though...

It smells so weird here. Its kinda fun though, I dotn if I like it yet or not.
12:47pm 12/08/2003
  I finally got mom to get around to updating my journal for me. So much stuff has happened since then. First I had mom add loneprism and noahspride, who I think found me from petstalk back.

But in general, not much has changed squallkitty is still always horny. I wish mom would take care of that soon, like she keeps promising.

And then mom left for a really really long time! It was only Jenny-person and Petra-person around. I had no idea where she went, but she did come back! But she brought another person with her. Heidi-person, who gives okay earrubs.

Scratch that. Heidi-person is evil. She jumped at me yesterday and scared me! I almost fell of the bed. But I acted like it never happened, so now no one knows about it.
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01:43am 02/05/2003
  Today is my birthday! Mommy bought me a whole bunch of toys! And got me this yummy crab thing for dinner! It was good!  
11:16pm 23/04/2003
  I moved Mom's bathroom floor rug thingy! It's under Jenny-Mom's bed now! hehehehehehe...

Mom brought home a bunch of these cool plastic round things! They were fun... But I lost them all already....
11:50pm 17/03/2003
  nasty wet outside again! Mom came home and we took along nap. She left again though.  
03:36am 07/03/2003
mood: lethargic
Mom has been home a lot lately its really nice. I get to cuddles with her.

We slept together last night. Its been a long time since me and mom did that. And best of all Squall wasn;t there. But like normal I got bored halfway through the night and mom ended up kicking me out of her room.

And they wont let me eat Squall's food! Can I help it if his taste so much better then my smelly stuff!
02:56pm 01/03/2003
  check out my brother's livejournal! He's Squallkitty!  
02:49pm 01/03/2003
mood: cheerful
no more nasty wet. And mommy is home yay!!
08:06pm 25/02/2003
mood: annoyed
it's nasty wet outside...

12:33pm 25/02/2003
mood: calm
New kitty is gone... I liked having him around. I could give him baths... when he wasn't hidding under mom's bed. But oh well. He kept eating my food anyways.

Last night was sleepy I slept with Mom and kept batting at her because I wanted ear rubs, she finally caved in though and I got my ear rubs.

Now I'm just laying around, nobody is home and Squall is sleeping....
11:46pm 18/02/2003
  *yawns* Mommy let us sleep with her last night. she kept petting and cuddling me. Not that I mind. But I had to move over to Jenny's bed. Mom likes to squash me when she's napping.

Then she left again. So I played and napped all day. But I took a nap when mom came home. But then she left again....
08:18pm 14/02/2003
  It was all icky wet outside, and mom kept the windows open last night. It was too wet for me.

Then me and Squall kept hearing this other kitty outside. Mom went to find it, but she came back empty handed. Which is good thing, new wet kitty bad thing.

But I spent all day today sleeping on Petra's bed and mom came home, smelling like other kittys! But she gave me a earrub!
nap time   
11:44am 13/02/2003
mood: sleepy
Mom opened the window last night. So I jumped up on the bookshelf, and played with the stuff up there. I think Mom got mad, but she didn't do anything but sleep.

She left again in a hurry. Bad mom. Didn't even give a me a earrub.

I'm napping on the other bed right now...
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My first entry   
12:55am 13/02/2003
mood: grateful
Mom got one of her friends to get me a password! (So everybody go thank AzureLunatic!) Now I can be even more like mom and have a journal!

I'm off to take my nap on the chair, since Squall is playing with a bag again. He finally got out of my spot.. stupid kitten always stealing my stuff....
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