I... I....

I Don't even know what to say..... Mom was being rude again and try to cut my nails, doesn't she release I need them to beat up Squall? But I;m on to there food trick... but they still cut all my nails...

But then.... I dont even know how to start. They took me into one the WET ROOMS.... AND POURED WATER ALLLLLL OVER ME.... *Shudders*

I tried to escape! But they wouldn't let me! I didn't know what to do... I cant remeber most of it... but when I was all done I WAS WET! And SMELLY! Mom atleast tried to dry me off... but I still don't know about this... I think I'll get my revenge tonight....

But now Squall keeps hiss at me... He doesnt recognize me!

and I'm STILL WET!!
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Mommy is mean....

I've spent the last few days in my carrier in a car moving... it was soooo boring... I even cried it was so boring. The only cool thing is we stopped at some new places, so I got to explore.

But now we've been at this one for a couple days and... its big. But its got these big dogs that smell funny. I dont mind them as long as they stay away. But mom keeps bringing me to them... They chased me the other night, I got even I smacked on right across the nose last night.

Its cold here... and I wonder where Jenny-Mom and Petra-Human are.... and that new Human. Theres lots of new humans here to though...

It smells so weird here. Its kinda fun though, I dotn if I like it yet or not.
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I finally got mom to get around to updating my journal for me. So much stuff has happened since then. First I had mom add loneprism and noahspride, who I think found me from petstalk back.

But in general, not much has changed squallkitty is still always horny. I wish mom would take care of that soon, like she keeps promising.

And then mom left for a really really long time! It was only Jenny-person and Petra-person around. I had no idea where she went, but she did come back! But she brought another person with her. Heidi-person, who gives okay earrubs.

Scratch that. Heidi-person is evil. She jumped at me yesterday and scared me! I almost fell of the bed. But I acted like it never happened, so now no one knows about it.

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I moved Mom's bathroom floor rug thingy! It's under Jenny-Mom's bed now! hehehehehehe...

Mom brought home a bunch of these cool plastic round things! They were fun... But I lost them all already....

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Mom has been home a lot lately its really nice. I get to cuddles with her.

We slept together last night. Its been a long time since me and mom did that. And best of all Squall wasn;t there. But like normal I got bored halfway through the night and mom ended up kicking me out of her room.

And they wont let me eat Squall's food! Can I help it if his taste so much better then my smelly stuff!
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